C2 & cotrol.org, Two Bands Are Better Than One

control.org and C2 are two halves of the same creative mind. Jason Taylor has made music under both names, but they are both from the same artist that has masterfully utilized both to harness his distinct approaches in Electronic music.

Both projects offer differing perspectives in music. C2, offers a Dance centered style that is more harsh and experimental in its approach. control.org is the original project that is more raw, direct, and presents a broad style in what Jason envisions in music. Combined they both are the one-two punch of all the creativity that Jason has to offer the world. He has shown that he has a ton to offer and has shared it on three continents over the past near two decades.

Jason Taylor has a deep love for what he does and it reflects in the amount of work that he has devoted in the development of both bands. The music has been impactful to countless fans and has had countless hours in clubs throughout the world. It is this level of effort, determination, and love for what he does that has made him one of the respected artists in the genres he has made music for.

North Inertia by Deadlife

North Inertia by Deadlife

Solid State by Soul Extract