Atom's Fall, The Next Step In Music's Evolution

Atom's Fall are a band from the Southwestern United States and give a new take on what Alternative Metal is meant to be. With a number of genres changing in the music world, there has been a shift that has been going on, one of the genres that has come into surface is Alternative Metal. It is becoming home to much of the harder Alternative, Post-Grunge bands, and some Gothic Metal bands. This massive shift in music can make many bands lose direction, Atom's Fall is one of the gifted bands that is leading the charge into a new direction for music.

Many of their songs show a style that is similar to Alice In Chains, but with a slightly stronger pull into the world of the Metal genres. It is this stronger push in the music and the distinct style that Atom's Fall shows in their music that has made them gain a fan base that hungers for more of their music. The band has shown that their love for making the music and taking it out to the world is far from finished. They have recently mentioned they have a tour slated and this is the chance for their fans to see them in the flesh. Their love in their music, taking it to the masses, and never giving up on what they aspire for has made them one of the energetic new members  of the Music Eternal family that we are eager to present to the world!

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