Asseptic Room Is A New Direction For Carlos Ruiz

For those of you that have been avid fans of Dioxyde and their distinct mixture of Agrotech and EBM, here is something you will love. Asseptic Room is the solo project of Carlos Ruiz of Dioxyde. The somber note is that he left Dioxyde, but the perk is that he did so that he could place more focus on his own works in Asseptic Room.

Carlos has shown in the music he has already released through Asseptic Room that his leaving was not a bad move. The music shows his influence in Dioxyde, but also shows the direction that he wanted to take with his music. The mixture of softer rhythm and the more aggressive tone make for an impactful style.

Music Eternal is eager to see what Asseptic Room has in store for their fans and we are glad that we can be a part of this direction that they are taking in music. Welcome Asseptic Room into the Music Eternal family!

North Inertia by Deadlife

North Inertia by Deadlife

Solid State by Soul Extract