The Sensual Melodies Of Bella Lune Are Now Part Of Music Eternal

Bella Lune is one of the bands from the United States that gives a new light to fluid artistic beauty. The hauntingly beautiful vocals of Fuchsia and the masterful way that Bella Lune melds the music with her voice is enchanting.

If you like music that touches Ethereal, Darkwave, or just music with a gentle feel to it, then Bella Lune is one of the best bands you can discover. The only thing that might rival them is their videos and impressive live performances. On the next page we have a video by Bella Lune, just to give you a glimpse into their music.

Music Eternal is happy to welcome Bella Lune into our family.

Charade by Bella Lune

Ride Or Die by Bella Lune

Bella Lune 'A Wish' Music Video Featuring You!