Music Eternal Is Proud To Present, Liquid Grey!

Mr. Grey is one of the musicians that has worked with many of the legendary greats in Gothic Rock and many other related genres of music. His musical talents were not limited  to his impressive guitar work or in working with other artists. His progression as an artist led to the creation of Liquid Grey, his vessel of musical creativity in a direct form that only he could deliver.

Liquid Grey has been a very pure and expressive band that Mr. Grey had put a huge part of himself as an artist and a person into.  Like past bands he has been involved with, Mr. Grey has drawn the attention from many in the Music Industry, and has had many of them work with him. Liquid Grey is where Mr. Grey truly has raised the bar in his musical passions and created music that is truly unique in its beauty.

It is our distinct pleasure and honor to have a musical artist of Mr. Grey's caliber in our Music Eternal family! We hope you are as moved by his musical ballads as we have been!

Transfusion by Liquid Grey

Love Under Will by Liquid Grey

Love Under Will (Official Video) by Liquid Grey