Kirlian Camera, One Of The Greatest Italian Bands Joins Music Eternal!

Kirlian Camera is one of the bands that has been around for over 30 years yet still brings something new and impressive to the Music World. They have had a strong focus on Electronic Darkwave music, but have never limited their scope of influence. Their style of music has evolved and shown that they are one of the bands that any music lover should experience at least once.

The vocals of Angelo and Elena are a potent one two punch in their music and the creativity that is shown in their music is among the many reasons why Kirlian Camera is one of the best bands to have originated out of Italy.

We are grateful to have Kirlian Camera within the Music Eternal family and aspire to show the world exactly all that this impressive band has to offer in their music and performances.

Base Box Boxset by Kirlian Camera

Hellfire by Kirlian Camera

Sky Collapse (Featuring Covenant) by Kirlian Camera