Draven Taylor Says Goodbye To Darker Radio

For those of you that enjoy listening to Draven Taylor's shows Inferno, Paradise Lost, and Needful Things on Darker Radio, we have some bad news. After 10 years of running as one of the more dominant Internet radio stations in Germany, the owners of the station have decided to close their doors. This means that after exactly a decade of having this station up they will be ending their run on April 30th of 2013.

This end of a chapter in German Internet radio has been a sad note for Draven as he has been on Darker Radio for nearly half the time they have been up. Draven has stated that this is the longest he has been on one radio station and for him this is very much like losing a close friend or moving from a childhood home. "There are many friends I have made on Darker Radio, many memories that were made there, and countless hours of playing music for people that I knew listened and enjoyed what they heard," Draven expressed in a saddened tone. "This is one of the few stations I have been on that has been a dream come true and has taught me a lot about music in Germany."

"I want to thank Falk and AF Music for being the heart and soul of Darker Radio and in having faith in me as a DJ on their incredible station. I know it is the perfect time for them to end the run with Darker Radio, but it is something that is still bittersweet for me," Draven added solemnly.

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