Draven Taylor Remembers Dirk Hetzsch From Radio Deep Inside

It is always tragic when someone passes, it is more heart wrenching when it is someone that you know. Dirk Hetzsch was a figure head for those that knew Radio Deep Inside and he was one of the constants for those that spent any serious time on Radio Deep Inside's chat forum. His kind and supportive nature made it possible for many to feel that Radio Deep Inside is more than a radio station, it is home to those that love music. It was this atmosphere that has evolved Radio Deep Inside into a place where people from all over the world can come and feel they are always welcome. It is this rare form of magic that Dirk helped create where all that come to the station feel they are among a community of friends, a place where they had virtual family, and where there were people that are always happy that you came.

Radio Deep Inside has been a station that Draven Taylor has DJ'd at for close to three years and each of those years Dirk was one of the reasons that Draven has been among the faithful to the station. "Dirk was one of the people that would log in during a show and made sure the RJs were never alone," Draven explains. "No matter who kind of day you had you knew that when he was logged in as Android that he would be a support person in chat and would let you know that you were part of a community in Radio Deep Inside that is rare to find in this world. He was a true and special friend that will be forever missed."

 On April 15th, Dirk passed away. It has taken time for people to realize that his passing is a reality. Among the masses that mourn his passing, we at Music Eternal share Draven's loss of a friend as we all have lost someone that had a deep love for the music and devoted a huge part of his life making others welcome to the beauty of music in his friendship.

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