2012 Artist Of The Year: Sebastian Komor!

Many artists work constantly, but there are few that have done the level of work for the sheer number of bands as Sebastian Komor has. The tours with Icon Of Coil and Komor Kommando had him in South and North America, Russia, Europe, and doing a variety of performances that are tiring in themselves. His new music that has come out this week is also a huge demand as well as the massive time he has devoted to helping other artists with their music.

Sebastian Komor has declared that music is his religion, and he is proof that if someone is willing to live and die but the musical sword there is nothing that is impossible. His passion and devotion to his music is both humbling and inspiring. It is only fitting that we give proper tribute and declare him as Music Eternal's Artist of 2012!


Interview: Sebastian Komor

Sunlounger (Roger Shah)

Cosmic Gate