Ras Dva Share Something Special

Ric Laciak of Ras Dva shared something truly special with everyone on his personal Facebook profile. This special item was a video clip that was created by Julian Smith.

What makes this video clip so unique is that it is a song made entirely from the sounds of one vehicle. There are no drums, no guitars, and no synths. It is pure creativity in its best and most unqiue form

This video clip has been called "Techno Jeep" and it shows an element that is symbolic in most electronic music. It also shows that you can make music anywhere if you have the passion and the motivation. It took them 2 weeks of practice and 7 hours to make this clip. Their patience and visions shows.

"I would love to be involved in that, blows my mind," Ric commented.

Ric, you said it all.


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