Overdose by September Mourning

September Mourning bring forth the next chapter in the world of their music and graphic novels in the song, Overdose. This song brings animated graphics as if a comic book has come to life and fused into this amazing hard hitting song.

The Rock and Metal universe of music has never been the same since September Mourning has come into them. They brought their remarkable music, comics, and a world within the band that shows endless creativity into the music world. The band has forged a universe within their mind's eye and have shared it to the masses.

Overdose is like much of September Mourning's music in that it has a powerful messing in the lyrics that perfectly harmonizes in the melodies they wrap into the words. This combination alone makes for some epic music and when combined with their visuals makes for something never seen like what September Mourning has created.

Watch the video above and get a taste of this incredible Metal band that defies to be defined or limited in their quest to make a world truly special.

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