Cream by Prince

Cream on a business standpoint was the forth most successful song ever made by Prince. On an audio standpoint it is considered to be one of his more sensual songs. It was released on as a single (4 different formats) and as part of the album, Diamonds And Pearls.

The song Cream was written and produced by Prince, but were proformed by both him and The New Power Generation. The album was recorded at Paisley Park Studios in the winter of 1990 and was officially released in September 9th, 1991. It was released under the umbrella of Paisley Park and Warner Bros. It gained the RIAA certification of being a Gold album on January 16th, 1992.

In the United States, Billboard Hot 100 ranked Cream as #1 on their charts for two weeks. It was the fifth and final song released by Prince to reach #1 on these charts. While it was in the top position it prevented Bryan Adams hit, Can't Stop This Thing We Started from peaking at number one. It was only in the Hot 100 charts and not the R&B charts due to the song never being sent to Urban Radio. The song also reached #2 in Australia, #3 in Norway and Switzerland.

Among the many hits that Prince has had, Cream was one of the songs that has been tied to R&B, Funk Rock, and Pop Rock. It is one of the mellower songs that shows a softer and more erotic presentation of Prince. It is this representation that shows through the music an intimacy that Prince had in many of his songs. One of his many talents that shines in cream is his talent in conveying emotions through the multitude of styles that he composed and performed.

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