Return To Sender by Elvis Presley

What would Elvis Presley do today if he was sending his girlfriend a letter and she rejected it? Would he send it e-mail, or Twitter? How would the song, “Return to Sender” go today? “I am Tweeting my girlfriend one more time and if my Tweet comes back to me then I will personally take my Tweet and put it in her hand. If I don’t get a Tweet back then I guess I will understand the Tweeting is over.”

The rejection today via cyber would be icy cold. Fast communication by just hitting the send button and it’s over. A deleted account would be a cowardly and swift way to break off a relationship.

For Elvis there would be no Special Delivery and no return mail. If Elvis was communicating on Facebook would his girlfriend “delete him,” or “block him?”

Was it simpler and kinder during the days of mailing a letter and waiting in anticipation that a romance was still ongoing or would the rejection today be dreadful coming back cyber? The ‘letter’ would take on a different twist when it comes back electronically with “no such address,” “no such person,” “no such account,” or “no result for.” It would be like she disappeared off the face of the Earth.

Elvis would have no envelope to hold in his hand staring at a big stamp from the post office “Return to Sender,” instead he would be staring at a monitor with a cyber-rejection.

Have breakups become frigid in the modern era of the Internet?

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