am.psych began in early 2003 as a creative experiment between longtime friends David Manning & John Verbos. Fueled by influences spanning across many genres, excessive amounts of caffeine, and a fair measure of social disdain brought on by entry level, low paying employment, these two curmudgeons began experimenting with software to achieve their desired sound.

After nearly a decade of tireless live performances throughout the Midwestern United States and a number of lineup changes, am.psych has settled into a steady rhythm. Comprised, now, of musicians who share a vision of the same end product sound: a seamless blend of classic coldwave industrial, 80s synth pop, and 90s alternative rock. This objective was only further solidified by the production and recording talents of Dan Clark (The Dark Clan, Stromkern), who has now taken on the role of full-time guitarist for the band, and Brian Graupner (The Gothsicles) as live keyboardist.

am.psych is often most well known for their camaraderie with other musicians. This is most exemplified by the many guest appearances onstage for their chanting, industrial rock anthem, “Reload”, by various fans and friends of the band including but not limited to: David Schock (WTII Records), Sean Payne (Cyanotic), and Jim Semonik (Rein[Forced]). It has also become a common practice for am.psych to welcome guest fill-in appearances (sometimes longer, like in the case of Dan Clark) onstage by label mates such as The Gothsicles or fellow Milwaukee musicians such as Incekt (Jeremy), Neuroverse (Jon Richter), and EvilTwin (Kanoa Azinger).

With the release of their debut EP, “Side Effects”, am.psych officially signed to WTII records, and has since been at work on their full length LP, a project which in many ways embodies the growth and change within the band as well as its members, and is certain to please longtime fans as well as lure in first time listeners.