TRANSPONDER is a german project of Hanz Acid from Erbach and Freund 424 from Kassel.

Hanz Acid is also active in his E.B.M. band Werksfront and he participate also in some other bands with other music styles.

Freund 424 is active in his project Rhesus Factor.

After the realisation of the actual Rhesus Factor feat. Leaether Strip album “Mann der Arbeit” the idea was born to create a new project with a constant vocalist.

Hanz Acid was interested to participate in TRANSPONDER as vocalist.

Because of his powerfull voice he fits perfect on the music which is done by Freund 424, including some additional sounds by Hanz Acid.

Till middle of 2016 the first album “The Strenght Of My Fist” will be released as Download version and as CD version.