TAMTRUM's newest studio release is conceptually divided into 2 radically different parts: the A-side with "Fuck You I'm Drunk" and the B-side with "Stronger Than Cats". TAMTRUM are partying at full speed with provocative nonsense "drunk'n fuck" lyrics over groovy carrying tunes. The toxic combination opens your senses to the maximum and prepares your intoxicated body to next take on the "Stronger Than Cats" assault. This "B-side" reveals a more deviant and darker face of the band, bringing "dark elektro on speed" tracks, carrying you with them on another upbeat bad trip. Sylvicious, Benoit XVI and Fixhead dared to challenge the TAMTRUM sound and are now fucking ready for another infectious and shocking tour across Europe that will bring this new level of hi-energy and merciless aggressive-groovy assault to their summoned audiences. Remember that TAMTRUM is above all a live band bringing striptease shows and other weird and unpredictable liquid / fluo-chemical performances to stage, which only reinforces their brutal, uncompromising and decadent image. For the hardcore fans of TAMTRUM, the album is also available as a 2CD Slipcase deluxe edition strictly limited to 666 copies with explicit stickers and on a bonus second cd: the recording in 6 acts of selected total reinterpretations of TAMTRUM's new hits by Claus Larsen (LEAETHER STRIP/KLUTAE) in total freedom of musical speech. This is not a collaboration, this is a true electronic devastating rape by the master of electronic mayhem.