Sômbre is founded in 2011 by the singer Cédric Manine and the producer and instrumentalist Axel Wursthorn.

The compositions of the duo are influenced by the post-punk and cold-wave of the 80's (Joy Division, Killing Joke, The Chameleons, the first Dead Can Dance) mixed with a ton of such influences as David Bowie, Ligeti, Radiohead, as well as EBM and jungle beats.

Their first studio session gives birth to 2 tracks, including a cover of Dead Can Dance (A Passage in Time). This recording quickly arouses the interest of the independent Franco-Belgian label Str8line Records (The Names, In Broken English, No Tears, Object ...): Sômbre is signed and returns to the studio for work on 4 new titles as well as on a cover of Killing Joke (Adorations) which appears on Str8line Records sampler CD "Sans pleur 1" released in December 2011.

In March 2012 the EP "Half Light" is released on the same label.

In 2018, and after several years of writing, the first album of Sômbre is finished. It includes among others a duet with Regina Sosinski (Mira) and a very personal cover of "Kids in America "originally interpreted by Kim Wilde.

In addition, the group participates to the tribute to Chokebore / Troy Von Balthazar edited by the label / magazine Equilibre Fragile by giving his version of the title "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life".

End 2018 Sômbre signs on Uproar For Veneration Records: the album "Linsay" is released in February 2019.