The music of ROOT4 is a welcome breath of fresh air into the electro-music scene!

ROOT4 have mature songs and their strong stage presence is amazing for everybody to be pushed to their limits. The sound is an interesting combination of Dark Electro and EBM. Every concert is a dance- and sound party with live drums that ROOT4 is able to transform to their audiences where ever they perform. The drummer leaves thereby during and after the concert remaiming impressions, the refrains remain several-day-long in the ear: Speed it up!

ROOT4 was founded in 1990 and released more than 10 CDs. In 2014/2015 ROOT4 is an indelible part of the ELECTRONIC TRANSFORMERT TOUR with concerts all over Germany and is on stage with bands like [:SITD:], De/Vision, Accessory, NOISUF-X.