Mistress Nancy has been an avid fan of the EBM, Electro-Industrial, Gothic Rock, and Industrial Rock centered genres for many years. This love for the music has gained her friendships throughout the music world and a level of support in learning how to present her love of the music as a DJ. Over the past decade she has honed her skills in Grand Junction, Colorado and Salt Lake City, Utah to where she has become an attraction for the venues that have her spin.

Once Mistress Nancy was sought after as the centerpiece of the flyers that were used to promote DJs, bands, and venues. Now she has become the one that the flyers are used to talk about. Her understanding of the music combined with her love of what she spins translates into a masterful experience for the patrons that are present for her shows. Word of her DJing has spread and there is a growing demand for her style of DJing in more venues as she truly is one of the club attractions that any venue can see perks to having in their family.