Founded in 2009 by Music Executive Shay Dash , MainStream Entertainment initially started out as a small recording studio in Newark New Jersey, and some years later transformed into a Full Fledged Record Label that handles Artist Development, Artist Management, Marketing, and Bookings. In 2018 MainStream Entertainment expanded their services and market area and has relocated their headquarters to Atlanta, GA.

MainStream Entertainment sets itself aside from other Independent Record Labels by staying ahead of the game, networking, and continuing to Develop Artist Careers before releasing music on a national level. Any one paying attention will see that an artist signed with MainStream Entertainment is a top caliber artist. We pride ourselves in continuing to release top quality music from our artist.

At MainStream we treat our artist fair, and we carry a great reputation for our business practices in the music industry. We will continue to build and expand our brand until we are recognized amongst the major record labels. We properly educate our artist on the ins and outs of the entertainment business, and we want artist to continue to see our label as a place they can trust and call home.