Level 2.0 (pronounced: Level two-point-zero) is an EBM/Industrial band based out of Central Florida. Originally from Long Island, New York. Mike Hoffman (singer/lyrics) & Matt Clennan (synth/programming) formed the band in 2005. They merge depth, emotion, grit and club-ready beats into their aggressive dance floor style of industrial music. Their previous full-length album, ARMAGEDDON, was their first release on Nilaihah Records and by far their strongest until Battle Sight Zero.

In 2012, Level 2.0 returned with "Elevate'. This new digital only EP, 'Elevate' once again shows Level 2.0 continues to grow further with each release. Elevate is more mature, polished EBM with hooks and melodies that will keep you coming back for more. Mike Hoffman of Level 2.0 does it again!

Now in 2014, Level 2.0 releases the most well put together album since debuting with "Reminiscence". Produced by Mike Hoffman & Alex Matheu. This album seperates itself from past albums with its theme and solid final production & mastering.

Reminiscence in its first month has made the most impact then any past release. The quality behind the music speaks for itself.

Check it out @ www.level2pointzero.bandcamp.com