On January 13, 1988, Claus Larsen created the first of his two music projects, Leaether Strip. Through Leaether Strip, Claus helped mold the EBM and electro-industrial genres. Being a one man act, it's no surprise that Leaether Strip has endured the test of time, and flourished. Leaether Strip has been the vehicle expressing the raw, explosive emotion normally buried behind Claus’ warm and pleasant outward demeanour.

Leaether Strip features an eclectic blend of the musical styles the band has been associated with, while pushing past these arbitrary boundaries to prove that Claus knows no such limits. Leaether Strip is also one of the few bands that has lasted for over two decades, while providing new material expressing genuine progression in style. Progression without sacrificing distinctness has been symbolic of Leaether Strip.

Claus has proven that any individual willing to embrace personal talents can become a voice others will take notice of.