Krushed Opiates combine heavy industrial,coldwave electronics,with cut up samples, acid synths, dance rhythms for the clubs,and an overall sense of fun in the air..there is a lot going on in each track,details are a key element here.

The band consists of members A.Warr,Kevin B.,and the infamous d.Smith... who became a steady story in the nations news a couple years ago for his creation of the "Melissa Virus" which crippled many unsuspecting computers a couple years back...d.smith is currently in jail for writing the Mellisa virus, we hope he gets released soon!! personally..i think its wrong to convict a computer virus creator,when there are terrorists killing people,at large still,and many more violent criminals,and sick people who really DO HURT people...right?

For people who miss the old school sounds of heavy electronics/guitar samplings crunching your bones,and lots of voice samples,and groovy dance rhythms to pulsate the club floors..well,check this out...this is a band doing something that not many have attempted,or not done with this kind of drive!kick ass tracks all around! the DSBP would not have it any other way!