KhrysT Lords is an electronic music dj, producer and London Goth Artists DJs CEO living in Portugal started Djing in UK, with more than 15 years as DJ. He is one of the artists responsible for names like "British Brothers", "Electrochiks" and more recently "ElectrOdigit" and "The Hacker in The Machine". Also creator of the ElectroniKLand Main Event and Tour. Electro/Clash/TechClash and Synthpop as the influence in K. Lords music.

KhrysT Dj & Live Sets are characterized by robotic, vocoder vocals futuristic beats and lyrics with strong melodies and drama, some of his sets are considered real soundtraks sets to be present in any SCI-Fi Movie.

In addition to djing, K. Lords manages the events and the djs of the London Goth Artists Group.