2002: Inline Sex Terror is formed in Athens, Greece by DV/h (aka George H).

George H has been Resident DJ and promoter since 1996, organizing events and Festivals ,in Greece.

2007: This is the year when DV/h decided to make less appearances in the clubbing scene and focused in the process of recording and producing the new Inline Sex Terror songs.

2008 The most important year for the band ,as the debut album is ready, and a contract is signed with Danse Macabre Records (Germany). At the same year inline sex terror were for the first time on stage in Letonia ,Lithuania ,and in Athens as supporting act to Hocico.

At the first of August during this year ,there's been the release of the first album 11:11 ,which got positive feedbacks from Magazines (Orkus , Zillo , Negatief , Sonic Seducer) and DJ's of the dark alternative scene.

The album entered the DAC (Deutch Alternative Charts) and stayed there for seven weeks where it peaked the 4th position among serious competition from Peter Heppner, Felix Marc, ASP, Oomph!, Chemical Brothers and AngelSpit.

The success completed as the album reached 38 at top 50 Albums in DAC Charts of the year 2008.

In October, Inline Sex Terror started the first European tour to support the 11:11 album.

During that tour IST played as opening act for the legendary band Das Ich in Wuppertal , Herford , Frankfurt.

Inline Sex Terror have the honour of remixing the DAS ICH track Kannibale for the Kannibale EP (2008)

2010 In 15th January there's the official release of the new IST CD "Distorted Life". The CD contains 3 new tracks and 10 remixes from bands such as: Leather Strip , FabrikC, Supreme Court , Beati Mortui , Implant , C-Lekktor , Kadaver Acht , V2A , Without Recognition , Concrete Rage

Distorted Life CD was very well reviewed and songs such as Distorted Life and Hellectro Girl became dance floor hits.

Shortly after the Release of the Album, DV/h got back on his very own studio (focus terror studio), to start creating the new inline sex terror album.