HOLLOWLOVE is a moody electropop duo from Vancouver Canada. Think Junior Boys meet Pet Shop Boys.

Producer Keith Gillard and vocalist / illustrator Ryan Slemko have been creating music together for many years as ‘Fidgital’. They hit #1 on the Canadian RPM charts (Chart/Earshot), #17 in the US (CMJ), won the Canadian Independent Music Award for Favourite Electronica Artist, had a concert nationally broadcast by the CBC, remixed their heroes, and heard their songs in TV shows, movies, and Japanese commercials.

In 2016, Keith and Ryan pivoted, swearing off samples, embracing only original analog and acoustic sounds. They focused on mood and atmosphere, celebrating the frayed but sexy edges of life: existential angst, despair, vulnerability, hope, love, and dance.

Hollowlove releases a new song every quarter, accompanied by art and video.

“Whether you’re a fan of atmospheric electro-pop, or a sci-fi director looking for someone to score your latest, Hollowlove’s material is captivating.” - Obscure Sound

“With the best synthesized sounds recently released... Superb bass lines, synth layers, topped by vocals inspired by Sade.” - Synths of Eden

“Kind of retro like the romantic new wave of Bryan Ferry / Roxy Music circa 79 to 87-- but not. The synths feel a bit more shifty, spartan and askew. Still the allure is here. Slick back your hair, put on a dinner jacket with skinny pants and dance with a martini.” - American Pancake

“Brilliant imagery, and mid 80s funk keyboards and rhythms” - That Eric Alper