Manifesto of Harm Joy

Harm Joy is who we are, what we feel, and what we create. The embodiment of Schadenfreude, we are what gives you that sweet but slightly guilty pleasure you experience when hearing of another's misfortune, particularly that of a friend. We believe there is no pain without pleasure, even if not felt by the same individual. We believe there is no discipline without some form of bondage, either physical, mental, or emotional. All three are best.

We resurrect the nostalgic, not to make you feel good but to feel what nostalgia really means: in Greek, the pain from an old wound. It has been said that nostalgia is the art of forgetting how bad things really used to be. We of Harm Joy are here to remind you.

Harm Joy is symbiosis. Harm Joy is balance. Harm Joy delivers discomfort in the midst of pleasure. Harm Joy induces pain to produce relief. Harm Joy forces thoughts in order to free your mind. Listen.