Garage Deluxe, an independent production and music publishing label, houses productions with hip-hop, jazz, soul, rhythm & blues, abstract, electronica, rock..., of various artists such as Ingeniatory, Enx::, F. Negrel, Nonalinians, Moderno (F. Berchenko), Loco Rodriguez and La Casa Del Phonky, the Speedometers or Ratw, carried by the harsh atmosphere of a vintage studio and clear-cut bias. After a rich history of collaborations with electro-jazz and hip-hop (ground Exp., Nonalinians, Interface, Minimal Orchestra...) as well as a production work for various projects and in various recording studios, the label is now involved in record production. To date, its activity is focused on the production, editing of vinyl records and digital distribution, sometimes in association with other labels such as Aljama disc and modern music. Over time, collaborations with visual artists, such as Pierre Fauret, LucK, S. Garry... have seen the creation of video, graphic or animated works illustrated by the musical productions of the label's artists.