The label ECHOZONE was founded in 2006 as a sub-company of production and marketing company BOB -MEDIA GmbH & Co. KG . After the first publications of the bands Akanoid and Dead Guitars ( The Convent , 12 Drummers Drumming ) from the years 2006/2007 started the label from 2008 to its portfolio and alternative artists and bands in the range between Electro- Pop, Indie, Wave Rock, Gothic and Electro steadily expand .

With over 80 bands and more than 200 publications , the label was in the alternative music scene , but also make it a name and establish the ECHOZONE brand. Among the publications of recent years include THE MISSION ! Distain , IKON , Wayne Hussey, Me.Man.Machine and Mob Research.

To the basic concept of the label includes regular , also cross-genre , publications in the physical and digital domain. Usually 20 to 30 music CDs as well as numerous EPs and DVDs are released in the year . Great importance is placed on the long-term collaboration with the artists , so there are always established bands with newcomers as part of a release cycle together .

About the house BOB -MEDIA marketing department and external agencies (eg Die4Firma , Hardbeat ) and established print partners (eg Zillo , Sonic Seducer , Legacy, Rocks, Gothic Magazine , Orcus ) is carried out promotion in print, online , radio and TV area.

The products of the label are offered by different distributors in order to meet the different requirements of each project needs. Thus, the label collaborates with Soul Food , PRECIOUS , ZYX , NEO / Sonic Music , the company 's own sales BOB -MEDIA and internationally with selected marketing partners .

As a partner of the label skirt Labels Fastball Music (including Jaded Heart , Tokyo Blade , Blowsight ) and in association with BOB -MEDIA , the benefit of this composite network is part of the essential basic concept of the label. In particular, the in-house marketing , audio is - and video production department used extensively to offer the bands a possible broad structure.

Connected to the BOB -MEDIA are the publishers BOB -MEDIA , MUSIC ECHOZONE and Fastball Music and a comprehensive licensing department , which now has a repertoire of over 10,000 songs of all genres .