1992 - DLI was born in San Francisco with its first appearance on CyberCore Compilation, and a few shows on the west coast. Conclusion - Heh! - This is fun!!

1993 - The first album "Reality Check" receives rave reviews and lots of airplay, a total of 15 musicians were involved.

1994 - "Venus Mind Trap" EP, the "Rawhide" cover version is an instant succes in the US clubs - YEAH!!

1995 - "Zarathoustra" is created with the help of Mark Pistel [meat beat manifesto] & Don Gordon [Numb]. It hits the CMJ DJ & Alternative Charts, and the band happily plays the US & Germany.

1996 - TIME OUT [clouds on the horizon]

1997 - "Arashi Syndrome" is extremly well-received and charts in the US [ CMJ RPM Charts #5 / CMJ Top 200 #83 ] as well as Germany [ DAC Charts #12 ]. Breakup between Spawn & Count 0 (the main songwriting team). The Count forms a brand new lineup and takes DLI on the road in Germany with GIRLS UNDER GLASS.

1998 - The Count takes a nap and does production [Soil & Eclipse, The Razor Skyline, Pulse Legion].

1999 - The Count meets the Man M.O. himself, they love working with each other and start writing the new album.

2000 - Recording of CYBRID at the Fringe Studios / Oakland. Barbie [MATTEL] hires the band to do a soundtrack for the game "Rock'em Sock'em", based on a classic piece of Americana. It shipped in Nov. 2000. The SONY Playstation guys loved the music.

2001 - West coast tour to break in the new team. Release of CYBRID followed by USA / European Tour. The Count gets deported and sits on his hands in Europe while the rest of the gang writes petitions to the President.

2002 - Back in the USA :) shows on the west coast conceptualizing the new album.

2003 - First attempts to write new material, slowly a picture starts to emerge.

2004 - The Count relocates to the US and things start to speed up. GW Childs from Soil & Eclipse offers to help out and is gladly accepted into the DLI Crew. Songwriting starts in earnest. Schedule: wrap this up by the end of the year, test drive it on the road and release "Pax Americana" in Spring 2005.