Dead on TV has stroked audiences all over the nation with their brand of explosive new-wave punk narcissism. This sound, coupled with the smash and grab disruption of lead singer Dan Evans, the brutal machine-like ineptness of drummer Vince Mcaley, the pounding low end of synth player Mike Bradberry and a complete and heinous disregard for the life of guitar player Corey Devlin has resulted in some of the most epically offensive shows ever removed from Youtube for violation of community standards.

When broken on the sidewalk, as well, their debut EP, “Fuck You, I’m Famous” seems to somehow cut deeper than other plastic-coated cd releases. Released on WTII Records April 2012, “Fuck You, I’m Famous” has garnered the attention of the FBI and college radio stations across the country.

Dead on TV is currently working on the full length follow up to their debut and sharing the stage with the biggest names in modern rock, like Skillet, to classic hardcore punks Fang.

Contact Dead on TV at or through a letter writing campaign to your local correctional facility.

Dead On TV is available for Bar-Mitzvahs, Bris ceremonies, birthdays, concert engagements, race riots, Internment facility brush ups, Large scale uprisings, local revolutions, executions, opening engagements for national acts, Environmental deforestations, church functions, fetish parties and corporate management training seminars. Dead on TV does not trust fall.