Buck Satan and the 666 Shooters is an American country band, formed in 2011 by the Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen, who uses the pseudonym Buck Satan. The initial lineup also featured Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick and ex-Ministry members Tony Campos and Mike Scaccia.

The band was formed after the death of the country singer Buck Owens, who inspired Jourgensen to start the project. Al Jourgensen also referred to band's musical style as "heavy western” and “country-core".

The band's debut album, Bikers Welcome Ladies Drink Free, was released in January 17, 2012, via 13th Planet. It received mixed reviews from the critics.

The band's guitarist, Mike Scaccia, died on December 23, 2012, due to a heart attack while performing onstage with Rigor Mortis.