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So who are Ashbury Heights you ask? We're just two people who feel that synth pop got treated unfairly at the beginning of the 90's and seek to answer the question: "How would the genre have evolved if it had stayed consistently popular through the 90's and up 'til today?"

We're not an 80's nostalgia group, sure we love those old chestnuts as much as anybody else. But that isn't our purpose. We are about the further development of that unique sound. Linking the past with the now, trying to transport that music through time into our present in a guise that is both faithful to the original ideals and pushing the envelopes of pop music.

Impossible say you? Only time will tell. Time has made the 80's immortal but at the same time conserved it like canned corn. The flavour has remained the same through the decades. What was initially a movement that aspired to push music into the future has become a campy shot of nostalgia for the party generation.

Our intent is to continue where the 80's left off, to develop our sound with the same love of experimentation and futurism that fuelled bands like Kraftwerk, New Order and Depeche Mode and just like them we wont look back but ever forward. Thus our music is intended to share the spirit of synth pop music, but we will never aspire to replicate what has since long come to pass.

We will take said party generation into brave new worlds and let loose the dogs of dance. We will rock in ways no one has rocked before. And we do this because the unknown will always be infinitely more exciting than the past and we live to explore that unknown with the same love of electronics that inspired musicians to expand the horizons of pop decades ago.

So join the party! Everyone's bound for the future anyway and we might as well enjoy the ride!