Adrian H and The Wounds have a sound that is sinfully soulful and reminiscent of a night in a dark room full of hallucinations, secrets, and song. Adrian’s voice and lyrics cut like a straight edge. He evokes impassioned stories of tragic love, lost faith and twisted taboos.

With the talented backing of The Wounds and his trusty piano by his side, Adrian H and The Wounds have crafted a unique style that transcends through their live performance guiding their audience down a path into a bitter world of surreal poignant storytelling.

Adrian H and The Wounds have finished recording their much anticipated sophomore album entitled 'Dog Solitude', scheduled to be released in North America on July 3, 2012 on Projekt Records and in Europe on Danse Macabre Records.
This new album will feature the popular underground club hit singles ‘That Hurts’ and ‘Dog Solitude’. Their music has been recently been featured in the films ‘The Ultimate Ride’ and ‘Brutal Beauty-Tales Of The Rose City Rollers’.