Since the original EP release in 2001, the name Naïve Quiet has become synonymous with the Industrial band 26z. Since that time various promotional 26z CD's have been released including the Death EP (2001), The DarkFlower Tragedies EP (2003), The Symbols Of Fascism (2004 Bootleg), the Epoch EP (2004), the Revised Death EP (2005) as well as an array of exclusive online material. 26z has been accepted widely by audiences and compared to established Industrial acts, hearing circulated rumors of touring with Skinny Puppy in 2003 as well as a CD release for Ant-zen and Metropolis Records. Various promotional CD‘s seemingly filtered through crowds including The Kottonmouth Kings, My Chemical Romance and more.

Now Naïve Quiet returns with 26z's 1st full length album, iNURE: A Vision Of Endearment, to answer Bruce Johnston’s (The Beach Boys) personalized inquiry “Where's the Pop?”. 26z is also currently expected to release Admonitions (The Human Condition) EP, Revolver (Antiquities)/ Revolver (Monday) - 2 Disc Set, The Passive and Aggressive EP’s, A Black Peter Christmas Vol 1 and 2, as well as recording The 26z Acoustic B-Side Composite, sponsored in part by award winning cinematographer Russell Carpenter (Titanic, Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle). Some of these titles are already available through iTunes, Amazon and additional retailers.

In 2013, 26z has more than one surprise to promote the iNURE release and the One Voice RIOT Tour. 26z front man Naïve Quiet stands kicking and screaming, joined by an army of misfits - including original 26z live performer and Hollywood celebutante Siren (Noise DJ), Electronic artist Kaisi Berik (Piano, Synth, Guitars, Noise) combined with the wild nature of Indie Rocker Bard Griffin (Guitars, Bass) and More - for a series of Synthetic and Acoustic sets. 26z has toured the US, has been inducted into The Playboy A List, is registered with ASCAP and has received a variety of endorsements and sponsors in 2011-2013 including Doc Martins (Footwear), Unique Addiction Tattoos (Body Modification), Fashion+ (Skin, Sullen, Headrush Clothing), Skin Industries (Clothing) and more. 26z is also the first band in history to receive full endorsements from Starr Labs Guitars, who has previously endorsed acts including The Chemical Brothers, Lou Reed and writers of Beatlemania. All updates and event information is posted at The Official 26z Music Site: