Bruce Allen Oatway

Bruce Allen Oatway can be described as a poet, an emissary of love, but in the end, these just describe the type of musician he is. He has traveled the world experiencing a variety of facets of the music world in profession and many of the challenges of life. He has also devoted a portion of his life in learning the many aspects of music, this has given him the direction in learning many instruments and an approach in his music that is diverse in its beauty.

Living in Hawaii, Bruce Allen Oatway puts only one thing above his music. That one thing is the love of his close friends and that of his family. Much of this multitude of emotion shared between him and them can be felt in his music. Combined with his pure talent makes his music a magical journey for the senses and the mind.

Currently, Bruce has been working on his music and a number of projects combining it with visual arts created by his other half in life. Much of this can be found in their web site, Moonwishes. Having so much that he works on, he still finds time for what matters most for him. His muses in his family and friends.


Genre(s): Dream Pop

Get Lucky by Bruce Allen Oatway

More Than I Know by Bruce Allen Oatway

I Am Me by Bruce Allen Oatway