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The bands and the fans are the foundation of the Music Industry. The rest of the industry is the many countless parts that are in motion to help get the music into the hands of the fans. It is a bit more complex than this, but that is the core fundamental of the industry.

Half a century ago it was the labels that did all the middle man work from making the albums to managing the tours of the bands they had in their company. As time has moved on, so have the many roles of those in the music world. As new technology, resources, and specialized companies have come into the picture this has created many of new opportunities and even more complications for an artist that wants to have their music heard and sold. These many changes have been some of the reasons for artists to give up or devote a vast amount of time and money with little to show for it. This isn't the band's fault, nor is it the label's fault, it is just how the system has either grown or changed faster than they can keep up.

Music Eternal is designed to not focus on one problem or to be specialized in one area of the music industry. It is centered on being a support base and a megaphone that the music foundation can lean on. This non-specialization was done on purpose as we prefer to not be among the many pieces in the music world, but the glue that can hold it all together. Just as the artists, labels, and the fans need the resources of the specialized parts of the Music Industry, these parts need them. This is the new symbiosis that can be harmony if both can find each other. This is where Music Eternal can play a vital role.

What we offer to distributors, graphics designers, magazines, concert promoters, booking agencies, promoters, marketers, and all the other parts of the Music Industry is a partnership. This is 100% free and where we can present your resources to our members and give you a positive representation in the music world. Every member we have is a band or a label and they need the skills you have, why not be on the top of our recommendation to our members?

If you are interested, please e-mail: and we will get the partnership in motion. 

Are you still not sure if we can help? Send us a message and we will find a solution where you can help our members and you can have a steady client base where we do all the work.

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