Distributors: Joining The Music Eternal Family

To join the Music Eternal family we need a few things which are listed below for the distributor. Please e-mail these to join@musiceternal.com


1. Banners that best represents your distribution. (960 pixels wide by 115 pixels high)

2. Icons that best represents your distribution.

3. Any graphics that best represent you as a distributor. This is where the more is the better as they will be used for the graphics for your profile and as a foundation for any content related to you.

4. The name of the font that is used in the name of your distribution (if it is a unique font, please send it along with everything else). This will be a .otc, .ttc, or .ttf file.

5. A bio about distribution, or if you lack something like this please provide some information that we can use to create a bio about you as a label.

6. A complete list of all albums (by band) that have been released. We will compare this with our collection and send a request for any music we may be lacking.

7. All links to the distributor (Official Website, Facebook, Youtube, Reverbnation, Twitter, Bandcamp, LastFM, etc.)

8. Vitals on the distributor(Years Active, Nationality)

If you have any question please feel free to check out our FAQ or send your questions to join@musiceternal.com


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Happy New Year