January 2022: Armada Music

The start of 2022 makes for a tall demand in a music artist that will mark January for Music Eternal. There have been many amazing artists that have done so much. It has made the choice in this month's Band Of The Month one that was daunting. Our rules are to have an artist present Band Of The Month, well...rules are meant to be broken.

A massive outpouring from Armada Music's family of musicians to Music Eternal has been very humbling. We aspire to work closely with musicians, but this outpouring and Armada's recent achievement of gaining 5 million subscribers on YouTube made us look more into the label itself.

Armada Music is not just a record label, it is an ideology that shows a love for success, but also for the culture they have created as a business. This Dutch independent record label specializes in a variety of Electronic music with much of it being dance worthy and uplifting. Just as their music fills the hearts of their fans, their support to the musicians is just as impressive.

Founded in 2003 by Armin van Buuren, Maykel Piron and David Lewis, Armada is named after each of these three visionaries. If you combine the first two letters of each of their first names they form into the word Armada. A cool concept, but one that fittingly shows how Armada is more than a label, it is a fusion of artists as one would envision an adopted family. Each artist is shown amazing support by the label in development, production, and distribution. This approach has led to Armada Music being one of the elite Dance labels in the world which showcases EDM, Dance, Trance, House, and the many flavors of music in these genre families of music.

Many artists will do work on other labels, but always gravitate back to the loving folds of Armada Music. These are just a few things that make Armada Music and its legions of artists impressive. We are happy to present Armada Music and its many music artists as our Band Of The Month for January 2022.

Be sure to check out the next few pages and get a taste of some of the talents that call Armada Music home.

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