March 2021: Michael Nagy

Michael Nagy isn't a musician, nor a label owner, and isn't a DJ. Why is he Music Eternal's Band Of The Month for March 2021? Simply put, he donates an insane amount of hours for the music world.

The interviews that Michael Nagy devotes time into doing present the world to musicians that are traditionally unknown. Most of these musicians are very gifted, have amazing songs, and are lost to the world simple because they are not known. He is changing this one interview at a time.

To compound upon this, Michael Nagy does multiple interviews each week. Each of these he puts time into editing to keeping them concise, informative, and giving a honest and positive light on these artists. It is this undying love for the music world that has led to the birth of Discovering Bands on Music Eternal. All of this is why we are happy to present Michael Nagy, a person that devotes his time to the music world.

Sapphira Vee Interview With Michael Nagy

Flesh Field Interview With Michael Nagy

NITE Interview With Michael Nagy