January 2021: Harold Budd

For over half a century, Harold Budd has been involved in one area of the world that he loved, music. His path to music was a rather unique one, but then again, his path in music was just the same.

Since 1960, Harold Budd evolved his compositions from genre to genre until he settled into his own complex, yet beautiful approach to Ambient music. His music is vast and shows his intelligence, skill, talent, and love for the music which he creates. Much of his music can be placed into genres, but can never be held to a decade or time.

Many people have grown to love Harold's music. Many musicians loved working with this great man Sadly, on December 8th, 2020, Harold Budd passed away. Like many others, we mourn the passing of this legend and in tribute have him as our January 2021 Band Of The Month.

As Long As I Can Hold My Breath by Harold Budd

Thank You Harold Budd

As Long As I Can Hold My Breath by Harold Budd