September 2020: Your Favorite Martian

In 2012, Your Favorite Martian took YouTube by storm. They had a massive following where their original video posts garnered millions and even tens of millions per song. Their approach of combining cartoon visuals, an energetic beat, and mordibly offensive satire made their videos epic to behold.

Sadly, due to unforseen circumstances, Ray William Johnson decided to retire the band. As mainly a one man show, when he called it quits it was the end of this impressive music project. The even more sad part was that a new album was planned, but never saw the light of day do to the situation that led to Your Favorite Martian retiring.

As with any project that passes into the history pages, we have no desire to see it become forgotten. The time and effort that was put into Your Favorite Martian is amazing when you see the videos. We are happy to present Your Favorite Martian as our September 2020, Band Of The Month.

Check out the next pages to experience some of their music yourself.

Everyone Clapped (Feat. Cartoon Wax) by Your Favorite Martian

Gentleman's Ballad by Your Favorite Martian

Rich People $hit (Feat. Cartoon Wax) by Your Favorite Martian