October 2020: Leæther Strip

Leæther Strip has been in the music world for many years. They have shown a massive amount of creativity, originality, and passion in their music. The music is a reflection of the artist behind the band, Claus Larsen. He has made music in many areas of Electronic music with a focus in much of it in Electro-Industrial music. He hasn't limited himself in this genre of music, but has shown that this is one of the genres that he truly is a master in making music.

Musicians tend to befriend and inspire other musicians. Leæther Strip has been the muse to countless of musicians with their excellent music and the impressive volume of music that they can turn out each year. Some artists fall prey to having songs sound the same when they have many songs come out, Leæther Strip never seems to have this problem as each song is bound by their style, but stands on its own two feat in terms of originality.

Maybe one of the reasons that Claus has shown such love in his music is the love he has had for his beloved spouse, Kurt Hansen. Sadly, Kurt passed away this month after a prolonged series of battles with health issues. We feel very somber for this as Kurt was like Claus, a very amazing person. Those that got to know both of these two feel in love with their kind nature and gentle hearts. We know that this is a hard time for Claus and hope that we can pay tribute to both him and Kurt for all the endearing things they have done for the music world. With this in mind, we would humbly like to present Leæther Strip as the October 2020, Band Of The Month.

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