May 2020: The Music Eternal Family

Music Eternal faced a real challenge in choosing a band to be our May 2020, Band Of The Month. This wasn't because of the talent or the music that the Music Eternal family has created.

The challenge is that while the world has faced an invisible assassin in this pandemic, there have been so many in our family that have done so much for the world. The reality in this is that many people are trapped at home and stuck facing the reality of what this virus not only poses, but also denies. Many people in the world are unable to generate money to pay for bills, to spend time with distant relatives and friends, and they are stuck facing this reality each day.

Members of our Music Eternal Family have taken this situation to make masks (like Kimberly Freeman of One-Eyed Doll), to create tons of music, or to be involved with Internet festivals (like Dark Side Of The Con). Some have taken this time to release new music and music videos. Each of these members of our family have either helped directly or by creating an escape for those trapped in their homes.

All of this has held us in awe. There is no one artist that can be called Band Of The Month, when all of them have done some much. Thus, the entire Music Eternal family is our Band Of The Month. Thank you everyone for making the world a better place and for giving so much to the world.

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