March 2020: ALexis Voice

The music world suffered a loss at the end of February 2020. ALexis Voice was a Hungarian music composer and performer with a strong emphasis in Electronic music. He not only created a ton of his own music, he was involved with many other musicians and helping them with their music. He was a symbol of someone that lived to make music and showed that music was a bond in friendship that had no boundaries.

Losing ALexis Voice had a profound impact in many musicians lives. It also affected those that loved the songs he created and shared with the world. His passing is something that many will remember for quite some time for his help, influence, and desire to be a positive force in the lives of others in the music world.

ALexis was more than a musician to those that knew him. He was a good friend that have faith in others and always showed a desire in leaving a positive mark in anything he was involved in. Music or otherwise.

For Music Eternal, ALexis Voice was a part of our family, a friend, and someone that gave good advice when it was needed. He is someone we will miss and we are saddened by his passing. In tribute to this gifted artist and great person we are making him our March 2020 Band Of The Month. We will be posting a variety of information, spotlights of his music, and tidbits about the man behind the music. These are not nuggets of unknown information, just positive impressions and experiences he left on those that were fortunate to know him. We hope you will share in our tribute to ALexis Voice and remember the good he had in our lives.

Check out the second page to experience some of the music that ALexis Voice made.

Space Station by Alexis Voice

Alexis Voice

Gravity by Alexis Voice