December 2020: Darker Days Tomorrow

Where others dwell in the chaos and the strife of the human condition, Darker Days Tomorrow prefers to make music and watch the human condition eat itself. It is a dark perception that led to some of the best material by greats like George Carlin and in some truly impressive music.

Darker Days Tomorrow has embraced this philosophy and used it to make some impressive Electro-Industrial music. It is aggressive with a strong beat that shows in each of their songs. The tracks released by this U.S. based band have shown how truly talented they are in translating their views into music that is well worth the time to listen to.

Dark Days Tomorrow prefer to not follow the masses and be their own standard in music. They strive to present something that is good to hear and presents their talents in clarity. They are loved by their fans and we are glad to present them as out December 2020, Band Of The Month.

Idol by Darker Days Tomorrow

Wishing Upon A Star by Miriam Stockley

Poster Mort Slasher from Los Morts