August 2020: Bellhead

There are few in the music world's arsenalof musicians that can compare to Bellhead. They have a special approach and an impressive standard in the music that they create.

Most bands that have any connection to Rock as their foundation to music would rather die than give up their last guitar. Bellhead is very happy to give up this instrument as they never use it. There is no literal or virtual guitar in their music. Instead they bring their own duet of destruction in the form of a low bass and a high bass. This combination and a drum machine make for a darker approach in the melody that gives elements of Punk, Post Punk, Industrial, and Gothic to their music. The deep vocals of Ivan Russia and the softer tone in Karen Righeimer they add a dynamic that makes the music not only distinct, but great to those that like the genres that they touch in music.

As with any style that is not part of any norm, it is one that some will have to adjust to. Others will love the style, creativity, and distinct beauty in the music presented by Bellhead. This Chicago duo is showing that music is far from stagnant and that sometimes it is good to break the rules set in genres and any approach to music.

Bellhead is one of those bands that many will love for all that they offer. This band brings a special combination of music from the late 1970's and early 1980's and fuses it with their vision today. This style they have as a band can be perfectly heard in their latest release, Unicorn Bones. They have only been together for a couple of years and have already left a lasting impact in music. It is this unbridled creativity that we are in awe to behold and hope they never stop making music as they are one of the trailblazers in the music world.

All that has been expressed of Bellhead are among the reasons that we are proud to have them as part of the Music Eternal family. We are also honored to presend Bellhead as Music Eternal's August 2020, Band Of The Month. Please check out the next few pages of this article to experience music by this impressive U.S. band.

Beware The Light Shirt from Bellhead

Dead Lights by Bellhead

Dead Lights by Bellhead