April 2020: The World

We have all faced a reality in 2020. A virus has gripped the world tightly and we are left with something unknown. There are many in the world that fear what could come with this unknown.

As in movies, this pandemic has spread through the world. An enemy unseen by the masses. It creeps among the world and it has forced many changes in our lives. Some are locked down in their homes, others have been lost, and still others are seeing other changes.

Rather than placing one member of the Music Eternal family as our band of the month. We want to remember the ones we have lost, give tender thoughts to those in the world that are stuck at home, and our faith in the world that is home to our Music Eternal family. We love you all and hope you are all safe. If you love music, then you are our Band Of The Month for March 2020.

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