September 2019: Ray Lynch

Ray Lynch has always been a gifted composer and performer of music that reflects both his spirituality and love for music. His approach to music has been a keen reflection of him as a man and his undying love for what he does.

Music has been both a passion and reflection of who Ray Lynch truly is as an artist. His complex and elegant approach to music has made for a number of truly impressive songs that have lead to multiple albums all reaching Gold status in sales and multiple awards. These are a reflection of how impactful his music is to his fans.

As a skilled artist of the music craft he has mastered a number of musical instruments. Despite many viewing his music as New Age, the standards that Ray Lynch has shown give stronger ties to Classical as a base genre to much of his music. What is perhaps even more impressive with his music is that these gems are touched countless without Ray Lynch ever performing live to a crowd.

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The Oh Of Pleasure by Ray Lynch

Silent Night by Ray Lynch

Celestial Soda Pop by Ray Lynch