October 2019: Corpus Delicti

Some see Gothic Rock as an underground genre. One that was a darker fusion and evolution to Rock and Punk music. One of the bands that showed the true beauty in this darker side of music was the French band, Corpus Delicti.

Hauntingly beautiful male vocals, a combination of dark melow music and beats that reflected aspects of Punk music, Corpus Delicti weaved music that was able to sway their many fans. Many of their songs have withstood the passing of time and still find air time on select radio stations and in clubs that play Gothic Rock.

Sadly, Corpus Delcti is no more, but they never truly die as long as their fans continue to play their music and cherish what this band created. They have had multiple generations love what they have created and have been an inspiration to many bands over the decades. Their timeless beauty in melody is one of the countless reasons that we present them as our October 2019, Band Of The Month.

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Chaos by Corpus Delicti

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